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These pages present information about yao, a Monte-Carlo simulation tool for Adaptive optics (AO) systems. Yao is open source released under the GPLv3. You are welcome to use it, expand it and even distribute it, but please link back to this page, as I am releasing updates semi-regularly. You are also most welcome to contribute your changes, or submit bug reports. Look here for the latest news.

You can checkout yorick using (install pages here):

git clone https://github.com/frigaut/yao.git

Main features

Yao is a Monte-Carlo AO simulation tool. It uses a number of custom developed functions to simulate wavefront sensors (WFS), deformable mirrors (DM) and many other aspects of an AO loop.


Other capabilities



Where to start?

Browse this site. Have a look at the manual. If you like what you see, go to the Installation page and follow the instructions.

Once the package is installed, follow the manual instruction, and use the examples parameter files to create your own parfile to model your system.